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El Diario de Penelope

El viento lleva esencia sutil de azhar...

31 May 1984
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Hi. I'm Penelope. Not my real name, it was my kitty's name. The kitty my dog brought home one afternoon and a month after died. So, the name is kind of in memoriam of Penelope.

I live in South America, Chile, to be exact and my first language is spanish, but I post only in english in my journal.

I'm obese and recently I had a surgery to lose weight. In this surgery they removed a part of my stomach leaving me with a stomach 25% the size of a normal stomach. So, hopefully, within the next months, I won't be a obese anymore. I talk about that a lot in this journal, but is not the only thing I talk about. My new mantra is: "nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!"

I read the Tarot for living. I firmly believe in energy and the Tarot. I read different tarots, like the egyptian, the angels, the witches, etc. I also read and meditate with some oracles, like the angels and the fairy's. Recently, thanks to an aunt's inheritance, I have been able to begin with a dream of mine, learning all the things you need to know to put a beauty saloon. I'm starting in april with profesional make up and manicure courses.

I post links, questions, phrases, thoughts, etc. I dream of going to live to Madrid, Spain and I love romantic music in spanish and romantic novels. I'm a romantic.


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I created a community for free tarot reading and I have a wonderful co-mod, the lovely trueredangel

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I swear I'm really nice and sweet!!

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